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MMC Hitachi Tool presents GF1 and EPSM product variants

MMC Hitachi Tool Engineering, one of the world's leading tool manufacturers, presents the newly developed GF1 tool concept as a world premiere. "GF1 consists of an insert tool with tons geometry and provides in this combination represents the world's first and only tool of its kind.

The initial application of a barrel geometry in the region of the insert tools is all about the customer demand for increased productivity and optimize cost efficiency" , explains Jörn Mackensen of Astfeld, Product Engineer (M.Sc.), at MMC Hitachi Tool. "Typical applications of the GF1 are highly efficient pre-and sizing operations of walls, pockets and guides in master and forming tools. The barrel geometry of the peripheral cutting edge enables considerably larger infeeds with the same or better surface quality, so that the processing times of finishing operations can be reduced by up to 70% compared to conventional plate geometries. "

The basic version of GF1 allows the tool to tilt at a maximum of 7 ° or 11 ° with respect to the component topography being machined. The offset version, on the other hand, permits a maximum adjustment of 12 ° or 19 ° so that, in particular, five-fold machining is the focus of attention. Common to both versions are the offered diameters of 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm, the radii of the peripheral cutting edge available in R20 and R30 as well as the very successful coatings TH and Panacea, which are now offered in a new evolutionary stage with the GF1.

The GF1 Indexable Cutter is the ideal tool for customers who want to take advantage of the productivity benefits of this particular geometry while capitalizing on the optimized cost-effectiveness of a turn-table system.

MMC Hitachi Tool fulfills the demand for continuous program expansion with another novelty: a product variation of the proven EPSM milling cutters. These Epoch21 range of carbide cutting tools are designed for soft and hard materials and applications from roughing to finishing. New variants without Weldon shots further increase the well-known universal application possibilities of the EPSM. The new version without Weldon mounting surface is available with or without freischliff. "As a result, the system-related advantages of shrink-fit chucks can be better utilized, especially in fine machining. That means a new step forward in terms of ease of use in tool and mold making, "says Jörn Mackensen from Astfeld. "With the GF1, which was developed entirely by MMC Hitachi Tool and manufactured in our own factory in Japan, we - as a European subsidiary based in Hilden - have another product highlight in our portfolio of around 5,000 tools for tool and mold making."


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MMC Hitachi Tool introduces the GF1 indexable barrelshape cutting tool and a new variant of carbide milling tools