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A technology company with tradition: from passion. From Japan.

MMC Hitachi Tool continues their tradition of over 80 years as a leading manufacturer of innovative precision tools for the demanding die and mold making industry.

As a supplier of a complete range of tools, we have always attached great importance not only to expanding the breadth of our portfolio, but also to sustainably optimising production processes with our Production50® consulting methodology based on partnership and tailored to your individual needs.


Efficient production starts with a clear concept

How can efficiency and productivity be improved under continuous cost pressure? The Kaizen philosophy has successfully established itself as a continuous improvement process in many companies. Production50® moulds Kaizen into our company. Efficient strategies can be developed with this methodology so that your production costs can be reduced by up to 50%.



Where specialisation achieves maximum reach

Tools that are used to manufacture tools must have quite extraordinary properties: for example, a long service life that ensures high process reliability even with the hardest materials and at the same time delivers geometric precision. We meet these requirements with our complete product range for die and mold.