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New Product

Gallea tool series

The Gallea series is a highly efficient finishing concept especially for mold and die making and consists of inserts and solid endmills that take advantage of the principle of barrel milling with special geometries on the radial and or axial cutting edge. The tool geometry of circular segment milling tools enables significantly higher infeeds step-overs between paths and line jumps with the same or better roughness depth and peak height if one compares the new concept with conventional tool systems of the same diameter.

Three further products complete the product portfolio

After MOLDINO Tool Engineering Europe launched the world's first indexable milling tool with radial barrelshape geometry in 2016 the portfolio is now being expanded by three further products: the GP1LB and GP1T two new mono-plate tools are now available characterized by a combined lens barrelshape geometry and a high holder plate accuracy. The concept of the unit holder which also includes the well-known high-accuracy ball and torus tools of the ABPF and ARPF series can be implemented easily and user-friendly in the production process. The product portfolio also complements the GS4TN a solid carbide barrel cutter of tangential shape which fully demonstrates its strengths especially in 5-axis machining of materials up to 60 HRC as MOLDINO emphasizes.