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High quality and efficient tools

High-purity raw materials, special substrates and unique coatings that satisfy even the most stringent requirements are the quantifiable features of our products. They are the result of our own metallurgical research, which has the objective of creating exceptional material properties. This expertise culminates in our own production facilities, which are also capable of producing exotic alloy components – from the raw material through to the finished tool – completely within our own value chain. This is where the properties that flow into our products are created.


Where specialisation achieves maximum reach

Tools that are used to manufacture tools must have quite extraordinary properties: for example, a long service life that ensures high process reliability even with the hardest materials and at the same time delivers geometric precision. We meet these requirements in both senses with our complete product range for tool and mould making.

All production steps, such as sintering, grinding and coating, are carried out in our own facilities. That allows our tools to stand out for their high reliability and consistent performance, which we bring to fruition together with our Production50® optimisation process. With pioneering tools, we open up applications and optimised production processes for modern tool and mould production that were previously considered impossible.

Our expertise

Exceptional tools for mold and die

The production of complex molds requires many work steps with different tool types. Our tools are not only characterized by consistent quality. With our technology we cover the entire process chain in mold and die. From micro precision (diameter up to 0.03 mm) to maximum flexibility and productivity in depth machining to fast and reliable machining in high-hardness materials.


Our digital catalogue

Precision requires information. With the detailed data from the Quickfinder, you have a first-class information tool at your disposal so you can create excellent plans for upcoming tasks. Comprehensive documentation on all products and networking with relevant databases are indispensable tools for efficient preparation. After all, in die and mold production, precise information is just as important as the quality of the tools used.