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MMC Hitachi Tool opens branch in the Netherlands for the Benelux countries

MMC Hitachi Tool, a world-leading Japanese manufacturer of milling and drilling tools for soft and hard processing in mould and die construction, is opening a new branch for the Benelux countries. MOLDINO Benelux is situated in Valkenswaard, at the heart of the Dutch industrial region of North Brabant.

Thanks to the convenient location, customers in Belgium and Luxembourg can also be quickly reached from the site. “Due to the high level of technical expertise in the Benelux countries, we see major potential for supporting our customers with our high quality tools and the process optimisation concept Production50  with respect to Industry 4.0, as well as standardising their production at a high technical level”, explains Haico Kaspers, Business Developer for the Benelux countries. “Working in close cooperation with the main European branch of MOLDINO in Hilden, North Rhine-Westphalia, we will be optimising technological support from Valkenswaard, as well as the services for our end consumer customers in the Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg markets.”

A further important objective of the Japanese tool manufacturer is the positioning of the brand name “MOLDINO” of MMC Hitachi Tool in the Benelux countries, which will establish a direct interface between the customers and MOLDINO. Asa leading manufacturer of innovative precision tools for mould and die construction, MMC Hitachi Tool can reflect back on over 80 years of tradition. It is the tool manufacturer’s aspiration to continue writing history in the future. Since spring 2017, all activities of MMC Hitachi Tool have therefore been combined under a single brand: MOLDINO. This abbreviation for ‘MOLD + DIE + INNOVATION’ underlines the focussed market orientation within mould and die construction (see also

A further focus of MOLDINO Benelux is the process optimisation concept Production50. This will be central to the Production50 Days for example. Additionally, a range of further activities are planned in the Benelux countries in the near future, such as membership of the Mikrocentrum – High Tech Platform, or participation in relevant trade fairs such as Kunststoffen 2019 and TechniShow 2020. “Through our product portfolio, with its clear focus on mould and die construction, we are enjoying growing prominence in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg as a manufacturer of high-tech precision tools”, explains Haico Kaspers. “Furthermore, we will also be reaching out from Valkenswaard to sectors and segments in the machining industry, in which we can offer customers an economic advantage with our tools and P50 optimisation concept.”


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