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Process optimization is our investment in a lasting partnership

Our vision is to grow with you and stand by your side as an indispensable partner. We are motivated by the prospect of mastering our customers’ challenges. It is no coincidence that our company produces precision tools and customer solutions that regularly cause a stir in the industry. We believe that passion and commitment in tool and mould making are the best guarantee for creative and perfectly formed solutions.



Those wanting to transcend borders need a strong partner

As an internationally operating company, we are aware of the importance and necessity of uniform standards. This is why we not only support you throughout most of Europe with a highly sophisticated supply programme, but also with the same comprehensive service. With sales offices located all over Europe, we provide you with excellent advice on every corner of the continent. For you, this means maximum availability of tools and expertise to meet your daily challenges.


MMC Hitachi Tool and the brand MOLDINO

MMC Hitachi Tool has been synonymous with the finest engineering skills for over 80 years. What began as a manufacturing business in Japan in 1933 has developed over the years into a leading supplier of innovative precision tools designed for demanding die and mold applications. We intend to keep making history with this aspiration in the future. All MMC Hitachi Tool activities have been united in one brand since spring 2017: MOLDINO. This abbreviation for "MOLD + DIE + INNOVATION" underlines our focused market orientation in die and mold.


High quality tools made in Japan

The development and manufacture of high-performance, high-quality tools requires more than engineering competence and metallurgical expertise. Our teams of experts in Japan continuously develop new high-performance, high-quality tools for die and mold using detailed market and process analyses. This means you benefit from our many years of interdisciplinary and cross-material knowledge as well as from continuous investment in new technologies.


Who bears our name, also bears responsibility

Mutual respect, reliability and decency are among the fundamental principles of our corporate culture. We regard ethically responsible business activities as our contribution to a humane service company. Because we believe that it is precisely these ethical principles that have made MMC Hitachi Tool Engineering what it is today: a reliable, reliable partner, both internally and externally, alongside our customers.